Wheeler Ridge

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Northwest of Bishop is Wheeler Ridge. At it's south end is Mt. Morgan  13,748' and at the north end is #395 and the Tom's Place/Rock Creek turnoff. There is plenty of granite here. Taking the Rovana turnoff from #395 we drove on dirt roads to Wells Meadow which is the center right green spot, above, and hiked to the granite from there. We did about 15 pitches but only got about 1/3 up the face.

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Wells Meadow from the day's high point.

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Javier attempting to pump up with a caffeine/chocolate gel. During this climb we felt like we were hiking and climbing through a molasses/fog that made movement more difficult. Back in Bishop for dinner, in the evening, we found out about the events of September 11, 2001 that had taken place that day.

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On the south end of Wheeler Ridge is a dihedral at the center/bottom many climbers attempt.

whe jav crux.jpg (62652 bytes)
Another route at the south end of Wheeler Ridge.

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From a few pitches up, looking west along the south side of Wheeler Ridge and Mt. Morgan to the Rovana tungsten mine and the Pine Creek trailhead.

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