Turquoise Mt. 4,400'

         Thirteen miles east of Baker and seven miles north of  #15 is Turquoise Mt. 
           The view of major Desert Peaks such as Mt. Charleston to the NE and 
            Telescope Peak to the north give one an orientation to the area.

turq ne.JPG (59967 bytes)
NE to Mt. Charleston on center horizon.

turq sbc5.JPG (60419 bytes)
The summit plateau is one of inhospitality 
to normal desert flora and fauna.

turq sbc1.JPG (62955 bytes)
There is a profusion of mutant cactus
that have attained remarkable dimensions.

turq sbc2.JPG (59168 bytes)
Fortunately the transmitters are high enough so no one
can stand in front of them and fry their brains but we
retreated from the summit within 2 minutes just to be safe.

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