Tin Mountain -  Death Valley

Death Valley is not known for its rockclimbing. Most of the rock is loose, or friable, or covered with dirt. The west side of Tin Mt. does have enough solid exposed rock to place camming devices into the rock without having the rocks move sideways. Tin Mt. is located in the NW section of Death Valley, south of the Ubeube Crater and north of an area known as the Racetrack.

Looking west from the summit viewing the Panamint
Mountain Range of Death Valley. Beyond that is
the Saline Valley. Beyond that is the White Mountain
Range with an elevation of 12 to 14 thousand feet.
After that is the Owens Valley and finally the
Sierra Nevada Mountain Range in all it's winter glory.
The snow-capped Sierras are visible from Olancha
Peak to the SW all the way to Mammoth in the NW,
except for the Palisades which is blocked by the summit
of White Mountain at 14,250'.

Looking SW into the Racetrack area.

Last are the wild burros of Saline Valley that don't get to see many
vehicles.   Before going into Saline Valley make
sure you have lots of gas, water, air in the tires
including the spare and so on.

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