Mt. Tyndall East Face

Mt. Tyndall 14,018'

First ascended in July 1864 by Clarence King and Dick Cotter members of the Geological Survey of California led by Josiah D Whitney and W H Brewer. Clarence King later became the first director of the United States Geological Survey and published in 1872 "Mountaineering in the Sierra Nevada".

 An excerpt of his prose of that time.... "...a natural desire that we should not deposit our triturated remains in some undiscoverable hole among the feldspathic granites:"

Equipment of his day... hobnail boots, beans, venison, blankets, lasso.

His hike from the base of Mt. Brewer, over the Kings-Kern Divide, climbing Mt. Tyndall, and returning to the Mt. Brewer base camp with the equipment of his day, no maps, no trails and no guidebooks truly is an amazing accomplishment.

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Mt. Tyndall north face from Shephard Pass

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Shepard Pass from the north face of Mt. Tyndall.

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The north face of Mt. Williamson from the north face of Mt. Tyndall.

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