Northwest to the formidable summit of Mt. Humphreys 13,986'

Mt. Emerson 13,204'

Whitney-in-a-day types can do Mt. Emerson in a day from North Lake but we stretched our trip into a 3 day backpack. The start of the south route for Emerson is at the middle of the next lake west of Loch Levin. There is a tendency to end up west of the true summit. Don't leave gear on the ground for the final summit pitch. It may be necessary to do a ridge traverse one would not want to downclimb.

East to the Piute Crags

emergoethe.jpg (34634 bytes)
Southwest to Muriel Peak 12,937'
and Mt. Goethe 13,264'.

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South to Mt. Lamarck 13,417'
and Mt. Darwin 13,831'.

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Piute Pass from Loch Levin.

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