Mt Morrison 12,268' , Summit Views

mor sum laurel.jpg (24854 bytes)
NW to Laurel Mt. with Banner Peak and
Mt. Ritter on the left skyline.

mor sum bloody.jpg (33979 bytes)
West to Bloody Mt. and Lake Genevieve.

mor sum dorothy.jpg (30058 bytes)
SW to Lake Dorothy

mor sum bright star.jpg (28680 bytes)
Looking Down the SW face to Bright Dot Lake.

mor sum red slate.jpg (29753 bytes)
South to Red Slate Mt.

mor sum morgan.jpg (28337 bytes)
East to Mt Aggie, midground, and Mt. Morgan,
middle skyline.

Ok, Ok, Ok. These are really summit ridge photos. Reasons for not getting to the true south summit were a base camp at Mildred Lake instead of Bright Dot Lake, a salt overdose from experimental backpacking food, and a hard , cold wind that hit me when I gained the ridge and that drained me physically and mentally by the minute.

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