Mt. Morgan 13,748'

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Mt. Morgan from the NW, from Pointless Peak. The peak is a glacial cirque, composed of two long N-S ridges joined at the south end. The east side ridge is known as Wheeler Ridge and is a prominent part of the landscape, as seen from Bishop and #395 north of Bishop.

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SE from Morgan, On the left is Mt. Tom. In the center left distance is the Palisades. Mt. Humphreys is the most visible peak on the right side.

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To the south is, left to right, Merriam Peak, Royce Peak, Feather Peak, and Bear Creek Spire.

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West to Mt. Dade, Mt. Abbot, and Mt. Mills.

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Northwest to Red and White Mt., Pioneer Basin, Mono Pass, and Mt. Starr.

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The NE corner of the cirque. Underneath is the Pine Creek Tungsten Mine. "Mine in the Sky" by Joeseph Kurtak tells the story of the mine and the town of Rovana.

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