McGee Creek

mcgecross1.jpg (48305 bytes)
Stream crossing #1

mcgecross2.jpg (53563 bytes)
Stream crossing #2

Mcgefall.jpg (34802 bytes)
One of several waterfalls along the trail.

Mcgestep.jpg (42708 bytes)
This trail was built in the thirties and this kind of workmanship
is no longer done.

mcgewhite.jpg (33241 bytes)
Red and White Mt. 12,816' from Little McGee Lake.

Mcge1241.jpg (32403 bytes)
Point 12,418' from Little McGee Lake.
McGee Pass is on the right side of this mountain.

The McGee trailhead is the northernmost trailhead in the White Mountain
Ranger District and is south of Convict Lake and north of Rock Creek. The
NPS has located the trailhead far down into the sagebrush so the area is 
inaccessible to most Americans but it is possible to get to McGee Pass and the
Crestline as a day hike. I missed both stream crossings, the trail disappeared
and I had to backtrack to get back on course. Done in early season, the bottom
two photos were taken while standing on Little McGee Lake.

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