Maggies Peaks.......................

maggie heaven2.jpg (63016 bytes)
From Heavenly Ski Resort, looking west to
Maggies Peaks, center.

maggie heaven1.jpg (62488 bytes)
From the south Maggies Peak, looking back to Heavenly.

maggie cascade.jpg (52553 bytes)
NE to Cascade Lake and Lake Tahoe.

maggie west.jpg (63920 bytes)
SW to Dicks Peak.

maggie hana5.jpg (63611 bytes)
Hanapepe the Hiker and Mt. Tallac to the south.

At the Emerald Bay State Park in the SW section of Lake Tahoe is the Bay View Campground. A couple hours of hiking up the Bay View Trail and a few hundred yards of cross country hiking from the Maggies Peaks saddle got us to the south summit. Backpackers can continue on into the Desolation Wilderness for as far as they wish.

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