Mt. Goode 13,092'

North face of Mt. Goode from a snow covered Long Lake
by the Bishop Pass trail.

goodewinchell.jpg (33063 bytes)
Bishop Pass, the NW face of Mt. Winchell, and the Palisade
crestline to the SE, from the south face of Mt. Goode.

goodecamp.jpg (28743 bytes)
Campsite at Bishop Lake.

goodesteep.jpg (15568 bytes)
High point reached on south face of Mt. Goode.

The original plan was to cross Bishop Pass, Thunderbolt Pass, and
Potluck Pass and ascend Mt. Sill 14,163' during Memorial Day week.
This was scaled back when my face started broiling from reflected
solar radiation before crossing Bishop Pass even though gooped
with SPF 50.
Ascending Mt. Goode was scaled back when the south face became
steep and passed the point of diminishing returns.

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