Gass Peak

gass west face.JPG (61149 bytes)
Gass Peak west face.

Directly north of Las Vegas is Gass Mt.
Zdon describes the hike as five miles roundtrip but due to a washed out road the saddle starting point is unreachable. Hiking in from the NW, an 8 mile roundtrip might be expected.
A hard cold wind hit us as we gained the north ridge and drove us off the mountain.

gass north face.JPG (62710 bytes)
North face of Gass Peak.

gass north.JPG (62530 bytes)
North to the Desert National Wildlife Range.

gass nw.JPG (64161 bytes)
NW to Fossil Ridge.

gass hana.JPG (63080 bytes)
Starting out at Fossil Ridge.

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