Ferry Peak

    Just north of Alpine is Ferry Peak. We started early, got to the top, got overconfident on the descent,  and got off route. Fortunately we recognized the mistake in time and traversed a gully and got back on the correct ridge.

ferry alpine 1.JPG (64462 bytes)
South to the town of Alpine, the Snake River,
and Star Valley in the upper left.

ferry cairn reservoir.JPG (63637 bytes)
West to the Palisade Reservoir and Idaho.

ferry north.JPG (63841 bytes)
North to Deadhorse Peak.

ferry gorge2.JPG (63201 bytes)
East to the Snake River Grand Canyon.

ferry hana ridge 3.JPG (64219 bytes)
Hanapepe ascending the last section of the
summit ridge with Star Valley in the distance.

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