Dunderberg Peak 12,374'

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Summit cairn. To the north is Mt. Patterson and the Bridgeport reservoir.

South of Bridgeport and north of Mono Lake is Conway Summit 8200'.
Virginia Lakes road heads west for about 6 miles to Virginia Lakes9805'.
From there I got to the top of Dunderberg in two hours and made the mistake of not frequently turning around on the way up to memorize the descent route.  There were a few anxious moments of routefinding on the way down despite the easy appearance of the south face from Virginia Lakes.

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West to East Lake and Gabbro Peak

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SW to Summit Lake and Excelsior Mt.

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South to Black Mt. and Mt. Warren.

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One of the easiest named peaks in the Sierras is Mt Olsen 11,000' from the north side.  Looking south from Mt Olsen is Lundy Lake and Gilcrest Peak.

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