Crater Mountain

cratermono.JPG (62947 bytes)
South of Mono Lake is Crater Mountain and South Crater. Bagging both
in one day is logical. Just remember to use compass, landmarks, and
memory to find the vehicle on the way back.

cratersouth.JPG (63456 bytes)
South to South Crater. And so there are 10 times as many stars in
the universe as there are grains of sand on earth? Looks like I'll
need Cosmic Consciousness to figure that one out.

craterse.JPG (63276 bytes)
SE to the Rock Creek and Convict Lake area.

cratergibbs.JPG (64376 bytes)
West to Mono Pass and Mt. Gibbs.

craterdis.JPG (60952 bytes)
SE to Crater Mt. and South Crater from #395.

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