Bear Creek Spire 13,720', from Dade Lake   


   One of the more popular peaks in the Sierras, Bear Creek Spire
has a moderate approach hike from the Rock Creek Trailhead , classic
lines, and good quality granite.

bcslitlake.jpg (23823 bytes)
Little Lakes Valley from summit.
Dade Lake in center right foreground.


bcsitaly.jpg (19097 bytes)
West to Lake Italy, Mt. Hilgard,
and Mt. Gabb. The smoke is from a forest fire.


bcsroyce.jpg (18416 bytes)
Looking south, the three mountains in the center are, left to right,
Merriam Peak, Royce Peak, and Feather Peak.


bcs3peaks.jpg (20269 bytes)
From Little Lakes Valley, Bear Creek Spire,
Mt. Dade, and Mt. Abbot 13,715'.

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