Basin Mt. 13,240'

Snow plumes blowing off of (L to R),Mt. Emerson,
Mt. Humphreys, and Basin Mt.

basinsumridge.jpg (29983 bytes)
High point reached on attempt #1 via Horton Lake Trail
to the top of the NE buttress. Looking south across the east face.

basinflower.jpg (25169 bytes)
Wildflowers at McGee Creek on the approach
to Humphreys and Basin Mt.

basinrock.jpg (21679 bytes)
Ascending the south face of Basin Mt.
Rocks, like people, are not always to be trusted.

basinhump.jpg (22523 bytes)
The north face of Mt. Humphreys 13,986' from the high point reached on the
south face of Basin Mt. when thunder, lightning, and rain forced retreat. Lightning
is bad enough but to avoid down climbing a mountain
in the rain, on wet rock, retreat is always worthwhile.

basinwater.jpg (37508 bytes)
How to make a desert out of the Owens Valley and give LA all the water, nice and legal:
1. Force pioneers stepping out of their covered wagons to sell their water rights
into perpetuity for pennies.
2.Build dams across all the streams draining the eastern watershed of the Owens Valley.
3.Divert water into pipes supplying the aqueduct. Install draft tubes to equalize
pipe pressure(below).

basintube.jpg (17618 bytes)

basinsunrise.jpg (10691 bytes)
But the good guys always win in the end.
Sunrise over the White Mt. range from the SE slope of Basin Mt.


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