Mt. Whitney 14,495'

whitef.jpg (30690 bytes)
Starting out from Trail Camp on Day 2.

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Not tired, just checking if the railings are solid.

whithut.jpg (20662 bytes)
The summit hut. The exterior electrical grounding is first class but I doubt
if a grounding grid was installed in the concrete floor. During lightning
the best bet would to be inside, standing on one foot, and not touching
anything. Second best would be to stand on both feet, close together and
not touch anything. This is due to lethal voltage gradients that can be induced in the
concrete by lightning.

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The summiteers on an early August afternoon spontaneously decide to pose for
a group photo. The uncool character on the right is the website author and since
being benighted on San Gorgonio 11,500' with jeans and tshirt I now carry/wear
enough clothes to have a reasonable chance of staying alive if I don't make it back
to the sleeping bag for the night.
Whitney in 3 days by the normal route is nothing to brag about in the mountaineering
world but it was a grand success for our first trip to the Sierras and started an
addiction I hope to prolong for as long as possible.

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