Touchstone  Wall,  Zion

              by Javier Ybarra

touch tst 3.jpg (174635 bytes)
The Great White Throne as seen from
the base of Moonlight Buttress.
Rising a whopping 2400 ft above the
canyon floor, it was first climbed in
1927 by W. H. W. Evans.

touch tst 2.jpg (172079 bytes)
Casting off the ground on pitch one.
Is that a smile or a grimace?

touch tst 8.jpg (249833 bytes)
Good friend Mister Matthews and I
preparing to haul bags up to the
belay station.

touch tst 7.jpg (276279 bytes)
A much needed rest at the third belay.
One can just make out the small roof
below which is the crux of the climb.

touch tst 9.jpg (284690 bytes)
Jose Gasper plugging away at pitch
four on the Touchstone Wall.

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