Mt. Tallac  9735'

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From the state line gondola, looking west, is Mt. Tallac in center. Left to right..... Echo Peak, Angora Peak, Jacks Peak, Dicks peak, Cathedral Peak, Mt. Tallac, Maggies Peaks, and Phipps Peak and the town of South Lake Tahoe.

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NE from Mt. Tallac to Lake Tahoe and Cascade Lake and Emerald Bay in the lower left.

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NW to Middle Mt. and Phipps Peak.

tallac gilmore2.jpg (63415 bytes)
SW to Gilmore Lake and Jacks Peak.

tallachana craig.jpg (68396 bytes)
Getting our summit shot from another summiteer.

Tahoe is a gorgeous place and many people paid big bucks to live here but one fly in the ointment is the decibel level. Over the hill boomers trying for one last hurrah infest the area with roaring Harleys. They especially like to hang out by casinos. Laughlin is another of their favorite spots. In their distant youth it was sex, drugs, and rock n roll. Now they need 2000cc's throbbing between their legs to feel anything. What next? In a few more years waves of boomers will invade the nursing homes of America. By then they will probably be using  electrical brain implants to get their jollies. Let's just hope they don't bring down the grid by plugging in all at once.

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