Square Mt.

square face.JPG (63165 bytes)
NW Face of square Mt.

#205 makes a right angle turn as it heads south along Catlow rim and then heads east to Pueblo Valley and the town of Fields. South of the turn is Square Mt. which has a commanding view of the area.

square road.JPG (60805 bytes)
Southbound traffic on the #205 pulled off the road to observe our speed ascent. Apparently peakbaggers are more rare than antelope and mountain lions.

square guano.JPG (62656 bytes)
West to Guano Valley.

square  steen.JPG (63359 bytes)
North to Steens Mt.

square south.JPG (62844 bytes)
South to the Square Mt. plateau.

square alvord.JPG (63304 bytes)
East to Alvord Peak and Pueblo Valley.

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