Sheephead Mountain

sheep dis4.JPG (63580 bytes)
East Face

Ten miles west of Shoshone is Salsberry Pass. Sheephead Mt. is a mile or two to the south. It is best to head about 30 degrees west of the peak and stay away from doing a bunch of up and down stuff that crossing a dozen ridges perpendicularly entails. After reaching the same latitude as the peak, pick one ridge and hike east to the summit.

sheep south.JPG (61840 bytes)
Looking south along the Ibex Hills.

sheep north.JPG (63044 bytes)
North to the Greenwater Valley and Greenwater Range.

sheep east.JPG (62079 bytes)
East to the Resting Spring Range.

sheep charl.JPG (61312 bytes)
Telephoto east to Mt. Charleston.

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