Pine Peak

pine peak.jpg (62931 bytes)
South side Pine Peak.

pine south.jpg (63018 bytes)
South to Notch Peak.

pine west.jpg (62354 bytes)
West to the more precipitous western

pine rock.jpg (61464 bytes)

Another rock formation. Where are the climbers?
All we see in Utah are ATVERS. A handout in Delta,
"Discovering Millard County & West Central Utah"
promises a road to Pine peak and an easy walk
to the summit of Notch Peak from Pine Peak.
We found the road to Pine Peak ok for hikers
and ATVs but impossible for a 4wd pickup truck.
From Pine Peak to Notch Peak there is no trail
and the effort would be all cross-country bushwhacking.
So be prepared to scale back expectations.

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