North Dome 8717'    


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The south face of North Dome as seen from the Cedar Grove road.

                       ndgsrise.jpg (22233 bytes)               ndgsset.jpg (28309 bytes)
Sunrise on Grand Sentinal on the                  Sunset on Grand Sentinal on the
way up North Dome.                                     way down.

           nddirect.jpg (24415 bytes)       ndefsouth.jpg (37037 bytes)
   The center of North Dome's east                 The east face to
   face. Our route was up the left side.            the south.

                                   ndjavier.jpg (30568 bytes)
                                      Javier Ybarra leading on the east face.

                                   ndgstop.jpg (29008 bytes)
                                Level with the top of Grand Sentinal  8518' at the high 
                      point  reached  during the climb. It took 5 hours to climb past the forested section of the lower east face. We only 
                     had two hours of climbing on clean granite before turnaround 
                    time. A first attempted ascent of   North Dome's east face?
                    We found no indication of any other previous
                    attempts. The only routes listed for North Dome are on the south face. Perhaps a base camp up Copper Creek, at the base
                    of the east face would get the summit within reach.

                                                   ndroar.jpg (29347 bytes)
                        Roaring River Falls and the Cedar Grove road from the high point.
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