Nogal Peak    

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Approaching Nogal Peak 9,957' from the NE.

In south-central New Mexico, east of the White Sands Missile
Range and 60 miles west of Roswell, is the southern end of 
the Rocky Mountains, the Sacramento Mountains. Lincoln
National Forest and the Apache Indian Reservation
administer the area with the town of Ruidoso
serving as headquarters.

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3X telephoto of Sierra Blanca Peak
and Ski Apache, 10 miles to the south.

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White Sands Missile Range to the west.

nogel east.jpg (60934 bytes)
Capitan Mountains, home of "Smokey
the Bear", to the east.

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North to Carrizo Mt.

While descending the NE slope of Nogal Peak
and hiking through scrub oak I surprised and
woke up a feral boar. It outweighed me by a
factor of 3 or 4 but fortunately I was uphill
and it grunted and trotted off diagonally downhill.

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