Monjeau Peak    

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Monjeau Peak is graced with a lookout
tower built in the thirties and this kind
 of workmanship is no longer done. The
observation room is the smallest I've
seen anywhere, only about 60ft square.

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Kathy was staffing the lookout tower
for the day and Frank came by, doing
his rounds. These people were so gracious
and hospitable. I wish I had relatives
and friends as nice. What makes these
Lincoln National Forest rangers so
friendly? Obviously Bill at Parson Mine,
Frank and Kathy at Monjeau Lookout,
Tommy at Jicarilla Peak, and Beverly
at the office are all aliens that crash landed
at Roswell and have assumed human
form while they build a new saucer.
I wish them luck. This planet has lots
of problems and I'm sure their galaxy
is much nicer.

monjeau blanca.jpg (64141 bytes)
Sierra Blanca to the SW.

monjeau nogal.jpg (63287 bytes)
Nogal to the NW.

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