MarkLeeville Peak 9417'

mark hana ascent.jpg (62209 bytes)
Masako climbs the NW slope of Markleeville Peak. Markleeville Peak is about four miles southeast of Carson Pass and is accessed by driving 8 miles south on Blue Lakes Road.
The South Lake Tahoe Basin Recreation Topo Map by is the map of choice for peaks in this area. We did our hike in early July and still had a bit of snow to liven up the view.

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NW to Red Lake Peak and Stevens Peak.

mark south.jpg (63050 bytes)
South to Jeff Davis Peak.

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West to Round Top and Elephant Back.

mark nipple 3.jpg (62079 bytes)
SE to the Nipple.

mark nipple 1.jpg (64263 bytes)
Nipple with telephoto.

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