Magdalena Peak

magde dis.jpg (63357 bytes)
Magdalena Peak from the east. The peak
is 20 miles west of Socorro on #25.

magde nf.jpg (60969 bytes)
Hanapepe enjoys the verticality of the
north face.

magde town.jpg (64278 bytes)
The town of Magdalena to the north.

magde mag.jpg (64248 bytes)
Magdalena Mountain Range and the
Cibola National Forest to the SE.

magde west.jpg (64538 bytes)
Cat Mt. to the west.

magde cross.jpg (59468 bytes)
A sense of accomplishment at the summit.
If we had encountered this peak when we
first entered New Mexico we would have
put up a new cross. But we were on our way
back and didn't have the time. Maybe
next year in April?

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