Lee Vining Peak  11,690'

lee vining peak 2.jpg (62536 bytes)
Lee Vining Peak from the east. At the bottom is the Boy Scout's Log Cabin Wilderness
property and the remnants of abandoned mining operations.

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South to, L to R, Carson Peak, Mt. Wood, Mt Gibbs, and Tioga Peak.

tigbet7.jpg (62652 bytes)
Adventure Crew gets ready to descend the mountain after
their successful summit bid.

tigbet5.jpg (61222 bytes)
Kathy, the group leader, and Sandy (where is Sandy?), successfully got Adventure Crew
safely up and down the mountain.

leeviningcraig-hana.jpg (63296 bytes)
Prior generations also made it to the summit that day.

logcabinhana 3.jpg (72790 bytes)
Diane checks out the relics of a bygone era on the way back.

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