Icefields Parkway South

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Just north of Saskatchewan Crossing is Mt. Wilson.
There are many different views of Mt. Wilson since
#93 and #11 pass by it's west and south sides.


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Southwest to Mt. Erasmus, the North Saskatchewan
River and the prevalent Fireweed.


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South of Saskatchewan Crossing is Mt. Murchison
which does not appear to fall into the
dayhike category.


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South to Mt. Chephren(L) and White Pyramid(R).


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West of Bow Pass is Mt. Patterson, about
35 kilometers NW of Lake Louise.


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We showed up at the Moraine Lake trailhead intending
to do Panorama Ridge or Mt. Temple and found both
trailheads closed due to bear activity. The only good grizzly
is a dead grizzly as far as I'm concerned but that doesn't seem
to be the prevalent viewpoint nowadays. So what is next for
these environmentalists? Reintroducing dinosaurs in Florida?

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