Highland Mt.

high dis.JPG (62183 bytes)
Highland Mt. from the west.

 Highland Mt. is 19 miles east of state line and 40 miles NW of Laughlin. Due to a fallen Yucca tree blocking the road the roundtrip distance is about 5 miles. Instead of following the gully/wash route Zdon recommends, I hiked along the west ridge of the peak to see where I was going and even more importantly, memorize how to get back to the vehicle. There is some exposure on the final section of the summit ridge.

high corral.JPG (63125 bytes)
The corral and former starting point.

high east 2.JPG (62962 bytes)
East into the Highland range.

high north.JPG (62720 bytes)
North to Black Mt.

high south.JPG (63455 bytes)
South toward Searchlight.

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