Mt. Charleston 11,918'

Mt. Charleston from the west.

 Mt. Charleston is 40 miles NW of Las Vegas and is usually approached from its east side where there is a ski resort and other facilities. On its west side is the town of Pahrump and a few dirt roads that head into the wilderness.

Both of my attempts on Mt. Charleston failed. The first time the MSR gas bottle pump plunger lost its prime. From now on I always oil the leather cup on the pump plunger and carry a spare leather cup! Spending the night in my sleeping bag with 4 snow filled water bottles and attempting to melt the snow with body heat resulted in a cold night and not much water.

The second attempt gained some elevation on a west spur of the south ridge but the terrain became too difficult and thus began retreat #2.  If only I could time it to get there when there was just enough snow to make water but not enough to make the climb more difficult.

Looking back along the general line of approach

Looking east at sunset

Last is looking back at tracks about a half hour before the terrain became too difficult.
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