Fairview  Mt.  9000'

fair sheol2.jpg (64017 bytes)
One of the most popular hikes in Banff/Yoho/Jasper
  is Mt. Fairview from Lake Louise.
This summit view is south to Sheol Mt.


fair victoria.jpg (62193 bytes)
Southwest to Mt. Victoria.


fair whyte.jpg (62864 bytes)
West to Mt. Whyte. It looks like a lot of avalanches
thunder down this face every season.


fair piran.jpg (63571 bytes)
Northwest to Mt. St. Piran, Waputik Peak, and the
Icefields Parkway.


fair skoki.jpg (63198 bytes)
Northeast to the Louise Ski area and the Skoki Region.
Kane recommends backpacking into the Skoki Region,
setting up a basecamp, and bagging a peak a day. 
Due to the prevalence of grizzly bears, getting a
permit probably won't be a problem.

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