East Peak  9591'

eastpeak ant.jpg (61660 bytes)
With enough EMF to cause brain cancer,
it is easy enough to find the summit of East Peak.

eastpeak nw.jpg (62296 bytes)
NW to state line casinos and Lake Tahoe.

eastpeak tallac.jpg (62081 bytes)
West to Mt. Tallac, Maggies Peaks, Rubicon Peak,
and South Lake Tahoe.

eastpeak minden.jpg (62687 bytes)
East Peak is on the Nevada side of the state line
and this view looks east to the town of Minden.

eastpeak gondola.jpg (61716 bytes)
The top of the gondola and the starting point
for hiking in the summer.

East Peak summit is only about 30 minutes hiking from the top of the gondola. Monument Peak 10,067' is a bit farther away and my attempt on it failed due to dehydration. I had ridden the gondola for a lark and had not brought along my hiking pack and usual 3 or 4 quarts of water. There is no water at the top of the gondola. The pencil sharpeners that run Heavenly Ski Resort don't understand the purpose of drinking fountains. Selling fluid they understand but the snack bar was not open at the time. So if you intend to do any hiking bring your own water.

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