Mt. Conness, 12,590'


conn hana marker.jpg (62647 bytes)
Hanapepe with her hand on the USGS Mt. Conness
summit marker.

conn hana marker 3.jpg (47099 bytes)
How did all this concrete get up here?
Government helicopter?

conn lyell 3.jpg (63247 bytes)
South to Mt Lyell, left skyline, and the Cathedral Range.

conn west.jpg (63333 bytes)
SW to Young Lake and Ragged Peak on the left.
In the center is Falls Ridge and the start of the
Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne River.

conn glacier 4.jpg (62480 bytes)
Looking down the NE face to the Conness Glacier.

conn ne 2.jpg (50653 bytes)
NE to Lundy Canyon.


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