Ancho Peak

Ancho Peak is NE of Carrizozo and part of the
Jicarilla Mountains which is a sub-range of the
Sacramento Mountains which is a sub-range
of the Rockies. We saw a few ATVERS driving
around wearing camo clothing but other than
that the place is undiscovered.

ancho jic.jpg (63872 bytes)
Jicarilla Peak to the east.

ancho mon.jpg (62997 bytes)
Monument Peak to the west.

ancho 4graves.jpg (60630 bytes)

ancho lyddie.jpg (62577 bytes)

1923, 1920, 1918, and 1919.
Looks like the McBrayer Family passed
away during the influenza epidemic of 1918.
These gravestones were found just west
of #349, where we started our approach
to Ancho Peak.

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